Monday, May 25, 2009


Several months ago, License and Inspection were conducting an investigation on properties that, is located on the 19th hundred block of 2425 North 19th Street.

In the front of the homes, they look secured but abandoned. License and Inspection has tagged several homes that need to be torn down but, nothing has been accomplished. There are more the five homes that are in horrible condition on 19th Street alone. There are homes on Gratz Street, York, and Cumberland and so on.

The structure of these homes are a joke and in the back of the homes are literally caving in and in my opinion it is a hazard to all the neighbors that still live there. Has our city forgotten? It is fare because of the neighborhood and our government feels that many people in this neighborhood do not deserve to live in a decent environment.

I’ve called and spoke to License and Inspection; I spoke to a City Official and still excuses why these horrible homes are still hanging by a thread. As drugs, crime continues to torture this area of North Philadelphia; my own observation is that there are still a lot of hard working families that are trying to do the right thing. Trying to make a better life for there family with the horrible living condition that they have to endure.

I am a Latina woman and the majority families that live in this North Philly area are African American. I care. I see children trying to play and trying to keep safe. So many families can not afford to live the Northeast, Mount Airy, West Oak Lane, East Oak Lane, and so on.

A positive change has happen for all Americans in this country. Let’s not forget that, they deserve to live in a positive and happy environment.

I pray that, our City Officials will stop ignoring the fact that there are a lot of good, decent people trying to get by with the best with what they have and yes a lot of these people happen to live in North 19th, 18th, York, Gratz, and so on.